First Investment Bank of Bulgaria and BBY Diamonds Sites Hacked by Sepo

The hacker breached the systems of the diamond trader because they're part of the 1%

The hacker known as Sepo has breached the website of Israeli diamond trader BBY Diamonds ( and the one of Bulgaria’s First Investment Bank (

He hacker told me that he breached the site of BBY Diamonds “for the lulz.”

“They have a lot of money but don't wanna pay for web security. They are a part of 1%!!! Viva Anonymous,” he said.

Besides some server information, Sepo has also leaked a username and a clear-text password.

The site of the First Investment Bank has been hacked as part of the AntiSec operation. The hacker has published database details, along with information taken from a couple of tables, including names, bank branch addresses, phone numbers, and fax numbers.

If you want to learn more about Sepo, you can check out the interview I had with him a few months ago.

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