First Impressions: The Surface Pro Is an Amazing Device

Early buyers find the new Surface Pro a pretty good tablet

Even though plenty of customers have criticized Microsoft for running out of Surface Pro tablets so fast, most of them actually agree that this is a terrific product which perfectly mixes the productivity of a laptop and the portability of a tablet.

[admark=1]Best Buy clients who posted on the official website of the company claim the device packs the right features to become a full-featured laptop, with some revealing that the overall battery life is the only major shortcoming.

“I stood in line for an hour and a half to get this unit and must say that it was time well spent. I have owned and loved computers from the release of the first home computers by Tandy and Apple and never dreamed to see them come this far. This is a true computer in disguise as a tablet,” one of the Best Buy customers wrote in a review.

Basically, most buyers are pleased with the fact that Microsoft’s new Surface Pro comes with Windows 8 and support for desktop apps, which means that it plays the same role as a traditional laptop.

As for the battery life, no clear figures are available for the time being, but Panos Panay, head of the Surface Division at Microsoft, said in a statement a few weeks ago that an autonomy of approximately 4 hours was very likely.

Early customers, however, don’t seem to mind to recharge the device every once in a while.

“I use this device as my mobile notebook for drawing, taking notes, connect to the projector at work for meetings, accessing all of my Sharepoint documents via Office, and I Skype my family in Chicago. A truly great ultra-portable device. I carry it with me in the office all day, as long as I charge it while I am at my desk,” another excited buyer wrote.

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