First Enterprise-Level 802.11ac Access Point Launched by Huawei

The product has already been awarded the "iF Product Design Award 2013"

One wouldn't be inclined to believe Huawei's claims that its 802.11ac access point is the first of its kind, until they realize that the IEEE 802.11ac is a relatively recent development.

IEEE 802.11ac is a wireless computer networking standard of 802.11 that is still under development and which provides a high data throughput through the 5 GHz band.

There are very few Wi-Fi routers that can communicate over this frequency, and most of them are dual-band models that also have 2.4 GHz support.

The new access point from Huawei, which actually comes in two versions, is described as the industry's first enterprise-level 802.11ac access point.”

The two models are called AP7030DN-AC and AP7130DN-AC. And both of them can transmit up to 1.3 Gbps at 5 GHz and 1.75 Gbps at dual frequency.

That means very smooth HD video streaming, cloud desktop access, multimedia activities of all kinds, etc.

“We are delighted to announce the global commercial availability of the 802.11ac AP. The rapid growth and development of smart devices, mobile networks as well as the increasing trend towards BYOD has brought about tremendous change in enterprise business models of work and operations,” said Fan Hongwei, WLAN product director, Huawei Enterprise Networking Product Line.

“In line with our dedication to customer-centric innovation, the launch of the 802.11ac APs are a reflection of Huawei Enterprise's commitment to developing and providing cutting-edge technologies, so as to provide a better way for enterprises to improve connectivity and optimize their businesses.”

Huawei's new access points earned the company the “iF Product Design Award 2013” presented by iF International Forum Design, a design promotion organization from Germany.

Sadly, Huawei didn't mention where, when and for how much money the devices were selling. If they aren't yet on the market, and even if they are, they might be on show at CES 2013 in January (Consumer Electronics Show).

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