First Enterprise SAS SSD with 4 TB Capacity Released by SanDisk

Called Optimus Max, it uses the 12 Gbps SAS interface and the 2.5-inch form factor

SATA may be the best known interface used by hard disk drives and solid-state drives, but it is far from the only one, and it's not the best suited for servers and data centers.

SAS works better there, which is why SanDisk used that technology when it made the Optimus MAX SSD.

A Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) solid-state drive, the storage unit is the first SAS SSD with a capacity of 4 TB ever made.

That's a lot of performance for the 2.4-inch form factor. Even hard disk drives, known for their greater capacity, have a less than easy time housing 4 TB in that space.

The SSD is built out of 19nm NAND Flash memory chips and should give workstations, servers, data centers and other enterprise applications an advantage in terms of capacity, performance, lower capital acquisition cost, and lower power and footprint requirements.

The SanDisk Optimus MAX SSD has a grey case with black label and utilizes the Guardian Technology Platform, SandDisk's way of ensuring high-end error detection and correction. Guardian is composed of three sub-components: FlashGuard, DataGuard and EverGuard technologies.

SanDisk didn't say what price the 4 TB Optimus Max SSD had, but since their main advantage is supposed to be lower cost of ownership, it's, hopefully, not too high.

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