First Autonomous Navigation Remote Presence Robot Approved for Hospitals

The FDA throws its support behind the RP-VITA telemedicine implement

The RP-VITA isn't exactly the sort of robot one would think of after seeing droids and mechas in films and animations, but it is the closest thing to a robotic nurse yet.

Having been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in hospitals, it can act as a means for remote doctor-to-patient consultation.

The robot, made by iRobot and InTouch Health, can travel from patient to patient and let physicians interact with their patients even when they are halfway around the world.

The robot is allowed to monitor patients during pre-operative, perioperative and post-surgical settings.

That goes for prenatal, psychological, critical care assessment and cardiovascular interventions.

The robot can also help perform examinations, all thanks to its electronic health record software and ability to accept directions from tablets (the Apple iPad is mentioned specifically).

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