Fireman Gets Fired for Bringing Obama Toilet Paper to Work

On other occasions, he displayed a sticker and a coffee mug mocking the president

Firefighter Clint Pierce of Pompano Beach, Florida will be looking for another job after higher-ups terminated his services for placing Obama toilet paper around the station.

On three separate occasions, he displayed anti-Obama items around the station, which is city property. He had been asked to stop following the incidents, however failed to comply. His latest stunt was bringing in toilet rolls with the U.S. president's face imprinted on them.

The 50-year-old emergency operator had been with the fire department for 19 years, the Sun Sentinel writes. He had previously placed a bumper sticker on his locker, showing his discontent with Obama acting as president.

Although reports do not mention what it said, it “did not cast the president in a positive light.” He was ordered to “refrain from any further posting of political messages on any city property” at the time.

In February, he caused controversy by taking a coffee mug to the station, with the president portrayed as a clown on the side.

Although Fire Chief Harry L. Small dubs Pierce's actions as “tasteless and disrespectful treatment” of the president's image, he also mentions “negative national news coverage,” in the employee's dismissal letter.

The City Commission hearing held to decide whether or not Pierce will face dismissal was attended by several activists, claiming the act was racially motivated.

Officials “found no evidence to indicate that Pierce's actions were racially motivated, but rather they were politically motivated,” Chief Small states.

“It was clearly a case of insubordination,” city spokeswoman Sandra King says.

Pierce has apologized since, describing the Obama toilet paper as a mere “gag,” however fire department reps did not give him a free pass this time.

“Your apology for your actions is appreciated, but does little to undo the widespread damage to the reputation of the city and the fire department organization,” Small responds.

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