Firefox for Android with Private Browsing, More Customizations in 2013

Support for more devices and languages will also be included

Mozilla’s Firefox for Android browser is one of the most popular applications that users take advantage of when it comes to Internet navigation on their devices, and it is set to get a nice range of enhancements this year.

In fact, Mozilla has already provided some info on the main changes that it plans on making to its mobile browser, such as the inclusion of private browsing capabilities inside the app.

Apparently, many of those who are taking advantage of Firefox on Android devices have requested the addition of Private browsing among the app’s capabilities, and Mozilla has decided to oblige.

“Lots of you have requested private browsing on your Android phone and we’re working to deliver! It’s a much-loved feature on Firefox for your computer and we always wanted to include it on Android — and now it’s coming,” the company notes in a blog post.

Furthermore, Mozilla will work on bringing some more customization options to the mobile application, the same as it offers to its desktop users.

For example, Android users might soon be able to take advantage of themes in the mobile browser, so as to make their web navigation a bit more personal while on the go.

“The team is also working hard on a way to give you the ability to control the Firefox for Android start page content. No matter how you browse with Firefox for Android — for news, the most useful sites, the funniest pages — we’ll never stop trying to give you the best and fastest experience,” Mozilla notes.

The company is also working on bringing the browser to more devices than before, while also being set to add support for more languages to it.

According to Mozilla, however, these are only some of the enhancements that Firefox for Android is set to taste during this year. More will arrive soon, so stay tuned to learn the news.

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