Firefox for Android Beta Works on Some ARMv6 Devices

The latest beta release, Firefox 16, adds support for ARMv6

Android users stuck with older devices should be happy to hear that Mozilla is thinking of them and not only with Firefox OS, which is designed for lower-spec devices.

Firefox for Android, the latest beta release aka Firefox 16, now runs on ARMv6 devices which still make up a huge portion of the global Android market.

ARMv6 devices are a small minority of the Android phones available in the US, Europe or similarly developed countries.

But the cheaper phones that sport them are responsible for the vast majority of sales in China, Africa and plenty of other places.

"To date, Firefox for Android has supported phones running Android versions 2.2 and higher, but only on phones equipped with ARMv7 processors. But now, Firefox for Android Beta includes preliminary support to run on a subset of phones using ARMv6 processors," Mozilla announced.

"Given that 55% of the 133 million Android phones out there run on the ARMv6 architecture, there are a lot of new people to whom we can introduce the open Web," it said.

The latest Firefox beta for Android will be made available on a subset of ARMv6 phones. The devices will have to run at at least 800 MHz and have at least 512 MB of memory.

That's actually at the higher end of the ARMv6 market, many devices are clocked at 633MHz and have as little as 256 MB.

But Mozilla is eager to find out how well Firefox runs on the older architecture. This is why it needs your help, if you own one of these low-end devices, you can grab the latest Android beta, install it and see how it runs, if it runs at all.

Your feedback is important for Mozilla in determining the absolute minimum requirements for the Android flavor of Firefox. If your phone can't run the beta, you can give Aurora, which has lower requirements, a try.

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