Firefox Beta for Android 28 Now Available for Download

The first beta for Firefox 28 brings lots of new features

It’s only been a few days since Mozilla released Firefox 27 for Android devices and now the software developer has announced the first beta for Firefox 28.

As expected, Firefox Beta 28 brings lots of new features and lots of other changes aimed at developers. The new version adds support for more features and many improvements and tweaks. Check out below the full list of changes introduced in beta iteration:

- NEW: More native text selection, cut, and copy;

- NEW: Awesomebar entries now trigger predictive lookup;

- NEW: Added multiple quick share buttons;

- NEW: Estonian [et] locale added;

- NEW: Added support for OpenSearch;

- NEW: Added settings switch to toggle dynamic toolbar mode;

- NEW: VP9 video decoding implemented;

- NEW: Volume control for HTML5 audio/video;

- NEW: Support for Opus in WebM;

- CHANGED: Removed support for spdy/2;

- DEVELOPER: Color picker widget implemented, access by using <input type=color>;

- DEVELOPER: Support for multi-line flexbox in layout;

- DEVELOPER: Support for MathML 2.0 'mathvariant' attribute;

- DEVELOPER: Background thread hang reporting;

- DEVELOPER: <input type=number> enabled;

- DEVELOPER:Experimental support for CSS sticky positioning (Aurora only - demo);

- FIXED: Explore By Touch automatically loading web pages .

Aside from the new features and improvements detailed above, Mozilla has confirmed that Firefox Beta 28 still has some known issues, which will probably be addressed in future updates. Here is the complete list of known issues:

- Some recent changes in the Google layout and CSS may cause issues in non-webkit browsers like Firefox;

- Firefox Sync will not behave as expected if multiple Firefox channels are installed on a single device.

You can now download Firefox Beta for Android 28 for free via Google Play Store. Keep in mind that the application should be fully compatible with most devices powered by Android 2.2 and up.

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