Firefox 16 for Android Arrives in the Stable Channel

It brings along Reader Mode, better syncing capabilities

A new flavor of the popular Firefox mobile browser is now available for download for the owners of devices running under Google’s Android platform.

This is Firefox 16 for Android, which has been in the Beta channel for the past few months, and which is finally available in a stable flavor for all supported devices out there.

This includes all smartphones and tablet PCs that are running under the Android 2.2 or newer version of the mobile operating system.

There are several notable changes that the new browser release brings along when compared to the previously available stable version, such as the addition of a Reader Mode or better syncing capabilities.

According to Mozilla, the organization behind Firefox, the new Reader Mode has been implemented in the mobile browser so as to enable easy readability. All that users need to do is to tap the book icon next to a URL, and the feature gets activated.

There is also a "Share" menu item that users can take advantage of to send tabs to desktop / mobile devices, all courtesy of the Firefox Sync option.

Other changes in the new browser release include:

- tel: URLs crafted to maliciously wipe your phone can no longer be opened

- Various performance improvements around JavaScript garbage collection

- CSS3 Animations, Transitions and Gradients unprefixed in Firefox 16

At the same time, the new browser release brings along a series of fixes for issues on Kyocera Echo, thus providing users with better stability on their devices.

Other fixes in this release include:

- No longer supporting MD5 as a hash algorithm in digital signatures

- Opus support by default

- Support for text selection in static web content

Those who would like to learn more info on the new browser flavor should head over to Mozilla’s website for the full release notes. Firefox 16 for Android is available for download from Softpedia as well, via this link.

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