Firefighters in Holley, NY Ready Squirrel Shootout

Online petition aims to put an end to the killing of these animals

This coming February 16, the staff at the Fire Department of Holley, NY is to hold its seventh annual squirrel killing competition.

As shocking as this may sound to animal rights activists, it looks like children will also be allowed to take part in this competition, whose goal is that of killing as many as these animals as possible.

Granted, squirrels can sometimes turn out to be a bit of a menace, but many disapprove of this Fire Department's ways of getting rid of them.

An online petition now asks that people join hands in putting an end to the so-called Hazzard County Squirrel Slam.

“The world has just witnessed the innocent killing of school children in Connecticut. Allowing this senseless slaugher of squirrels teaches children that it's acceptable to KILL! Shame on you, Mayor Kenney, and Holley Fire Department for allowing this disgraceful activity!,” the petition reads.

Those wishing to help these squirrels can do so here.

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