Firefighters Rescue Horse Stuck in Natural Sink Hole

The horse made it out of this ordeal without sustaining any injuries

Firefighters in Somerset and Devon have recently teamed up to rescue a horse that fell inside a natural sink hole in Shepton Mallet, Somermet and failed to get out of it on its own.

Seeing how the horse, named Thomas, was not exactly as light as a feather (or even a sack of feathers, I might add), the firefighters who helped free it from the sink hole had to bring in a tractor and a mechanical digger.

Because the animal's attempts to get out of the pit on its own left it exhausted, a local veterinarian decided that it would be best to sedate it.

In the end, the firefighters managed to secure several ropes around Thomas' body and pulled it out of the mud-filled pit, Daily Mail says.

Interestingly enough, the horse did not sustain any significant injuries while going through this ordeal, and was allowed to go home with owner Cliff Foot.

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