Fired Radio Hosts Apologize for Mocking Steve Gleason for Having ALS

Steak Shapiro, Nick Cellini, and Chris Dimino were hosts on “Mayhem in the AM”

Radio hosts on ESPN affiliate 790 The Zone have been fired over poking fun at former New Orleans Saints player Steve Gleason.

Gleason has been diagnosed with ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease. On “Mayhem in the AM,” Steak Shapiro and Chris Dimino put on a skit allegedly answering a call from Gleason.

The player's condition has affected his ability to speak, and he now communicates by using a device that follows the movement of his eyes and transforms that into writing.

According to NY Daily News, the person playing Gleason was a third host, Nick Cellini. An audio of the radio skit is available above.

The three stooges have been fired from the station, and Cellini posted an apology on Twitter.

“My apologies to everyone. It was a stupid attempt at humor that backfired. Emphasis on stupid,” he wrote.

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