“Find Mr. Rabbit” Lost Toy Hunt Goes Viral

Thousands join search after a mother whose daughter lost her toy makes an online appeal

Ruby Steward, 3-year-old from Edinburgh, UK, lost her precious companion Mr. Rabbit during a family trip in London. The girl's mother, Zoe launched an online appeal to find her daughter's stuffed bunny and got thousands of people involved in looking for the toy.

After having lunch somewhere between Oxford street and East Dulwich in south London, the family noticed Ruby had lost her “best friend.” The girl was inconsolable so her mother went to Twitter with a photo of the toy with the message “LOST!” She asked the people of London to keep an eye open for the brown bunny and to retweet if they can.

Zoe then started putting online missing posters with the lost toy on most of the social media sites in the attempt of finding Mr. Rabbit. Within hours the photo was shared and tweeted all over the world, getting thousands of people involved but the toy remains lost.

“The response has been unbelievable! I didn't know there were that many nice people out there,” Zoe told MailOnline. Even if she still hasn't found Ruby's toy, Zoe was amazed with the amount of people offering to send her their toy rabbits or even to send the little girl a postcard from Disneyland saying Mr. Rabbit is on vacation.

Zoe knew that no toy could replace her daughter's best friend who was with her since she was 1 day old. The girl received the toy as a gift from her grandmother, and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

The family even had an identical spare toy at home, but Ruby recognized it and said “No, that's not Mr Rabbit!” The toy was so loved that “its neck has no stuffing left from being hugged so much so flops to one side and its ears smell like Olbas Oil.”

The story got so big that TV presenters like Cherry Healey and Kirstie Allsopp also publicly announced and joined the search. Mr. Rabbit is now London's most wanted, and hopefully he will be found and returned to the little girl who's missing him so badly.

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