Final Fantasy, Watch Dogs, Diablo III and Destiny Arrive on PlayStation 4

Other games include Deep Down and other Activision games

Sony is announcing more video game projects that will be launched on its next-generation home console, including such high-profile titles like Diablo III and Watch Dogs.

First up, there was Yoshinori Ono, executive at Capcom, talking about the new game engine for the PlayStation 4, called Code Name: Panta Rhei, and a new intellectual property that uses the name Deep Down, looking like a cross between Dark Souls and Monster Hunter.

Square Enix is also represented by tech officer Yoshihisa Hashimoto, who shows the new Luminous engine and a tech demo that seems to be linked to the Agni’s Philosophy game universe.

Shinji Hashimoto also reveals that a Final Fantasy title is in development for the PlayStation 4, with more information coming during E3.

Ubisoft is bringing Watch Dogs to the next-gen PlayStation 4 console, complete with a number of new options and gameplay elements.

Chris Metzen, one of the leaders of Blizzard, announces that Diablo III will also make the jump to the PS4, with a new four-player mode and all the features of the PC experience intact.

He adds, “We're very excited about our partnership with Sony, PS4 is looking killer.”

Apparently, the game is also working on the PlayStation 3 at the moment, although no launch date was mentioned.

Eric Hirshberg, the chief executive officer of Activision, says that his company will support the PlayStation 4 with a number of well-known video game franchises.

The big reveal is that Destiny will be launched on the new Sony device, bringing the developer back to the brand after its long Xbox 360 exile endured during the Halo years.

Bungie says that the PlayStation 4 has the power to show off the best aspects of Destiny, with support for play on multiple devices, new social features and exclusive content for the PlayStation 4.

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