Filter Water Out of Coke with the Advanced Filtration Water Bottle – Video

The clear liquid basically tastes like sugar water, the guy says

Of all the weird things I've ever seen, this one probably ranks up there with the best of them. It's not every day that you see a way to filter water out of coke.

Sure, it's not exactly a technological contraption, more of a filter really, but it still caught my eye.

Called the OKO H2O Advanced Filtration Water Bottle, it basically takes Coca Cola or Pepsy Cola and pours out water. Or at least sugar water.

The Japanese guy in the video says that the liquid, while not disgusting, tastes a little strange, basically like sugar water.

For those who want to get technical, the large and elaborate cap filters out the caramel coloring and various flavor components, made of molecules which, compared to water and sugar, are enormous.

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