“Files and Folders” for BlackBerry PlayBook Updated with SugarSync Support and More

The application is now available for purchase for $2.99 via App World

Innovatology, the team behind one of the most popular file explorers and managers for BlackBerry operating system, has just delivered a new major update for “Files and Folders.”

The application is aimed at BlackBerry PlayBook users and is fully integrated with Box.net, Dropbox, Google Docs, ZIP, and E-mail send feature.

“Files and Folders” allows users to manage their content on their PlayBook tablet. It enables users to open files with associated app, view images in slideshow, preview images and text files, as well as copy, paste, cut, rename or delete files.

In addition, the application provides users with the possibility to manage their files directly in the cloud, and the .zip files like local files and folders.

The latest version of “Files and Folders” comes with more new features, which is meant to make it an all-in-one productivity tool.

With the newly integrated support for SugarSync, users will be able to access their workspaces, web archive, magic briefcase, mobile photos, and received shares.

Another new feature introduced with the latest update it the option to bookmark favorite folders with the Starred feature. Users can now tap the Star folder to bookmark it.

In order to view all bookmarked folders, one would only need to swipe down and tap Starred. Bookmarks can be renamed or deleted by press and hold.

Furthermore, the developers added support for BlackBerry Remote and improved text preview and viewer. In fact, the application received quite a slew of performance improvements, including bigger toolbar buttons and password security enhancements.

Last but not least, Bridge functionality has been improved, but it still needs to be officially confirmed. Other stability improvements and minor bug fixes have been included as well.

“Files and Folders” 4.0.2 for BlackBerry PlayBook is now available for download for $2.99 in the BlackBerry App World.

via CrackBerry

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