Fifth-Graders’ Murder Plot Thwarted by Fellow Student

Two boys had buried an entire arsenal in the school yard, tragedy was avoided in time

Two boys studying at the Fort Colville Elementary School in Colville, Wash., in the fifth grade, had planned to go on a killing spree at the school and had buried an entire arsenal in the school yard for this purpose.

The boys were apprehended in the nick of time, before they got to put their grisly plan into execution, when a fellow student found out and told a school employee about it, The Examiner reports.

“The two boys, ages 10 and 11, had a stolen semi-automatic gun, an ammunition clip and a knife to use in their plan. They are talking to authorities, and they say there was one girl in particular they were after though there were six more students they wanted to kill,” the publication says.

They had already talked about how they were going to kill the girl, and that entailed getting her off-campus alone. Once that happened, one boy would stab her, while the other kept watch, using a gun against anyone who thought to come to her rescue.

“They share that the younger boy dated the girl for a while, and the older boy felt she had been picking on him,” The Examiner says of the reason they picked that particular girl and not another.

“The boys took the knife and gun to school, and they had promised another student $80 [€59.8] to keep the fifth-graders' murder plot a secret. The students planned to kill the other children by luring them away from school one-by-one as well,” the aforementioned media outlet says.

Reports say the older boy told the younger one, on their way to court, “I don't care; when I get out of jail I'm going to come back and kill them.”

Police sources indicate the boys stole the gun from the room of an older brother and that they had been planning this for some time.

Prosecutors are now looking to put them under juvenile court jurisdiction.

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