Ferry Crash in Lower Manhattan Leaves over 50 People Injured

The accident took place early Wednesday morning, the local police says

The news just broke that early Wednesday morning a ferryboat transporting commuters got into an accident which lead to over 50 individuals being injured and needing medical attention.

Information leaked to the general public thus far says that the ferry was coming from Highlands, New Jersey, and that it somehow ended up crashing into a dock at Pier 11 in lower Manhattan.

Given the fact that the accident took place at about 8:45 a.m., which is basically rush hour for this American urban area, it need not come as a surprise that the ferry was packed with passengers.

All of them were badly shaken by the crash, and over 50 people suffered significant injuries. Sources say that at least one individual presently finds himself in a critical condition, yet no further details were provided.

Both police officers and emergency crews were quick in arriving at the scene of the accident and did their best in helping out those injured and those simply scared.

As was to be expected, the accident caused quite a stir, and tweets posted by eyewitnesses took the online community by storm.

According to these posts, those injured were being carried out and laid on the ground with the help of stretchers. Most of them had their heads and their necks immobilized in order to prevent their injuries from getting worse.

The ferry's name is the Seastreak Wall Street, and it seems that this was not the first time when it got involved in such docking accidents.

Thus, two other such incidents involving this ferryboat have been reported by the US Coast Guard in 2009 and in 2010, respectively.

It is to be expected that a thorough investigation into the causes of this crash will soon follow, and that the information gathered while carrying out this investigation will be shared with the public.

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