Ferret Wedding Expected to Take Place on Christmas Eve

Lady Truffle and Crusher Hoblet have been “dating” for three years

After “dating” for about three years (i.e. sharing a cage and getting to know each other), two ferrets from Stanley, County Durham, England have finally decided to get married on Christmas Eve.

Some say that they only took this decision in order to put an end to all the gossip about their living together without a priest's blessing.

The ceremony will take place in the Chapel of the Pit Village at Beamish Museum, and the happy couple will be joined by 40 human and 75 ferret guests, sources say.

Truth the told, Lady Truffle and Crusher Hoblet could not care less about what others might think about their “living in sin.”

Quite the contrary: their main goal is to raise both awareness and some funds for the North Pennine Ferret Welfar, a rescue center for ferrets that used to be pets.

“It is a fun event to get some publicity for the work that we do raising the profile of ferrets and providing a rescue home for them,” explains Karen Webb, the person in charge of running said animal sanctuary.

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