Ferrari Using Windows for Supercomputers as High-Performance Computing Fuel

Windows HPC Server 2008

The latest “fuel” to power Ferrari is a high-performance computing brand, namely Microsoft's latest version of Windows for supercomputers. The two companies announced that Windows HPC Server 2008 would contribute to kicking up a notch Ferrari automotive design, development and engineering. According to Microsoft, Ferrari's sport department is among the first environments world wide to deploy the latest iteration of Windows for supercomputers.

"Ferrari is always looking for the most advanced technological solutions, and of course, the same applies for software and engineering,” explained Piergiorgio Grossi, head of information systems of Ferrari Racing Team. “We are always focused on scouting new technologies that can give us a competitive advantage. Windows HPC Server 2008 is very promising, and the long-lasting collaboration with Ferrari will give directions to develop a fast, familiar, high-performance computing platform for our users, engineers and administrators."

Neither Ferrari nor Microsoft has offered specific details of the implementation of Windows HPC Server 2008 in the Scuderia's sport department. The duo only disclosed that a custom high-performance solution based on Windows HPC Server 2008 was developed.

Bill Laing, corporate vice president of the Windows Server and Solutions group at Microsoft indicated that Windows HPC Server 2008 is an integral part of taking high-performance computing mainstream. The latest version of Windows for supercomputers was released to manufacturing at the end of September 2008 and is designed to replace Windows Compute Cluster 2003.

"Companies have to be more efficient than ever with IT resources, but they also need to maintain their position in a competitive marketplace,” added Chris Philips, general manager of the Windows Server and Solutions group at Microsoft. “They require HPC solutions that deploy quickly, integrate in a heterogeneous environment and scale from workstation to cluster."

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