Ferrari Pee Prank Ends in Prankster Being Attacked by Owner

A man is subjected to a prank because of parking in a handicapped spot

Prankster Roman Atwood tries to show a man that it's wrong to park your car in a handicapped zone and pretends to pee on it.

The result is an awesome video that has received over half-a-million views since yesterday. *User discretion is advised when playing the clip, as it includes language which may offend.

The owner of the Ferrari spots Atwood and unleashes his anger on him, chasing him around and pushing him. During this time, the star of the video keeps trying to explain that he has just been pouring water on his car.

The motorist's attitude is quite entitled, basically responding to questions about parking in a handicapped spot by reminding the joker that he drives a Ferrari, therefore he can do anything.

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