Ferrari Asks Kaspersky to Secure PCs, Production Line Computers

Ferrari wants to improve its overall ICT security situation

When you develop the technology that drives some of the fastest cars in the world, you want to make sure that no one can gain access to what’s stored on your computers. With the number of cyberattacks on the rise, Ferrari wants to make sure hackers are kept at bay.

Which is why the company has put world-renowned security solutions provider Kaspersky Lab in charge of the task.

Up until now, Kaspersky has been an official sponsor of Scuderia Ferrari, the racing team division of Ferrari. However, from now on, Kaspersky’s products will be utilized to protect not only office computers and the mobile devices utilized by employees, but also production line computers.

Kaspersky has tailored an endpoint solution that ensures the protection of production processes and the safety of drivers during races.

“As we look for perfection in all areas of our business, we decided to improve Ferrari’s overall ICT security situation. To protect our sensitive intellectual property we needed a strong technological partner with a complete, cutting-edge IT security solution,” Vittorio Boero, chief information officer at Ferrari, noted.

“We have chosen Kaspersky Lab for the quality of their endpoint product and because they had special customized options that could be developed specifically to meet our needs. We’re looking forward to further develop our partnership in the technological field and hope that this 5-year deal is just the first stage.”

“Although from a very different industry, Kaspersky Lab is linked to Ferrari by two key things - a quest for maximum speed and the drive to find synergies,” Eugene Kaspersky, CEO and co-founder of Kaspersky Lab, said.

“We’re like the Ferrari of our field - fast to react to immediate threats and provide solutions to them, and fast to stay ahead of the pack and come up with new and original approaches to the security paradigm in general.”

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