Fennec Foxes at Chattanooga Zoo Land High-Profile Jobs

The foxes will work as ambassadors for their species, promote conservation

Nearly two months ago, on September 11, the Chattanooga Zoo in Tennessee welcomed two baby Fennex foxes. The furry creatures, both females, are merely teenagers now, but they have already found jobs. And high-profile ones, for that matter.

Zoo Borns tells us that the foxes, named Zahari and Zeiti, are to work as ambassadors for their species.

This means that, once they are all grown up and confident, they will take part in education programs and interact with humans on a fairly regular basis.

Their job will be to raise awareness about the need to protect wildlife and, judging by how cute they are, it's highly doubtful that anyone would ever dare not pay attention to what they have to say.

For the time being, the young foxes can rejoice at the thought that their daily agenda is not in the least a busy one, and that they can spend most of their time sleeping and playing with whatever toys are lying around in their enclosure.

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