Feminine Ultrabook from Fujitsu Gives a Floral Kiss

It was designed under the direction of Fujitsu's female employees

From October 26 onwards, Fujitsu will have a wide range of new PCs and tablets for sale, among them a special ultrabook that tries to resonate with the female populace.

Those who have read about the 11.6-Inch Stylistic QH77 tablet and the Arrows Tab that Fujitsu has released might have noticed that our coverage of the company's Windows 8 notebooks and ultrabooks was conspicuously absent.

The reason we have not gone into detail about them is simple: they are no different from all the other mobile PCs set for an October-November 2012 release. For that matter, the same can be said about most all-in-one PCs and desktop systems.

Fujitsu "Floral Kiss," however, is different, or at least that is what the company hopes buyers will come to agree with.

Designed “under the direction” of the PC maker's female employees, it is meant to attract women, with its “elegant white,” “feminine pink” and “luxury brown” color themes.

The hardware is not unique (Core i5 CPU, 500 GB HDD, adjustable memory capacity, etc.), but there might just be one piece of pre-installed software that won't qualify as bloatware in owners' minds: a Windows 8 digital scrapbook app, capable of storing website bookmarks, keeping track of a diary and checking the horoscope daily.

Fujitsu will ship the Floral Kiss ultrabook from November 2, 2012 onwards, at a price that has yet to be specified. The product bundle will presumably include a mouse, AC adapter and other peripherals, all shaped and colored in the same style as the laptop itself.

A premium designer version will be released on November 29, but nothing is known about it yet except for the fact that the jewelry brand “agete” will be adding its two cents to the style as well.

Availability will be restricted to Japan at first, but hopefully other regions will get one or the other eventually, or both.


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