Feedly to Finalize Migration from Google Reader in a Few Days

There might be some issues until your account is transferred

Feedly has announced once more that it is on the verge of finalizing the migration from the Google Reader backend to the new cloud backend and that the transfer of the millions of accounts will take a few days.

The company says that it advises everyone to run version 16 of Feedly on all devices to assure an accurate synchronization between all the apps.

The iOS and Android apps need to be updated from their respective stores, they said.

As mentioned, the migration of millions of accounts will take a few days and once the transfer is complete for a particular account, a green banner message should be displayed on the desktop app and a green card on the mobile app.

Once this happens, it means that all the feeds and up to 1,000 starred items have been migrated to the Feedly cloud successfully.

In order to synchronize all the data, all apps that are regularly used (desktop and mobile) should be restarted so they’re all connected to the cloud.

The Feedly team said that they will not be migrating the Google Reader history since that would be too much data.

They are also warning people that there might be issues with the saved items since the migration process takes a bit. However, they hope to finish with this transfer very soon.

Google Reader is closing down starting July 1, so Feedly is trying to separate itself from the Google service with time to spare.

As the Internet giant has announced that they will be axing the Reader, many have scrambled to find another suitable replacement for their RSS service. This has put Feedly in a top position as they have won over millions of users.

Only on the Google Play store, the mobile app has millions of downloads and over 75,000 reviews.

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