Fedora 19 Crazy Name Elections Have Started

Unlike previous names, this time there are some serious ones

Just after the delay announcement for Fedora 18, the leader of the Fedora project, Robyn Bergeron, has started the official voting for Fedora 19.

The last couple of Fedora editions had some weird names, Beefy Miracle and Spherical Cow. It's understandable that the name for Fedora 19 could not possibly stray too far.

“For instance, there must be an ‘is-a’ link between the name ‘Spherical Cow’ (from Fedora 18) and the name you suggest,”said Robyn Bergeron, explaining the simple rules of choosing a Fedora name.

[admark=1]“That link must be different than previous links for Fedora release names. Names of living people and well-known trademarks will likely be rejected as well. (Apologies to those wishing to make links between spherical cows having spots, and Tom Callaway.),” she continued.

Here are the remaining candidates:

• Cubical Calf – Spherical Cow is an unusually shaped bovine, and so is its child, Cubical Calf;

• Higgs Boson – A spherical Cow is coming from theoretical physicists, so is the Higgs Boson;

• Loch Ness Monster – A Spherical Cow is an elusive and mythical creature, and so is the Loch Ness Monster;

• Martian Blueberries – Spherical cow is a sphere and so is Martian Blueberries;

• Newtonian Dynamics – Spherical Cow is a simplification and so is Newtonian Dynamics;

• Parabolic Potassium – A Spherical Cow is shaped nutrition item, and so is Parabolic Potassium;

• Schrödinger's Cat – Is a theoretical thought experiment;

• Tiddalik – Spherical Cow is humorous myth, and so is the thirsty frog Tiddalik.

“The pool of names submitted by the community has been narrowed down to 8 possible names, one of which will become the release name for the successor to Fedora 18 (‘Spherical Cow’),” Bergeron stated in the official announcement.

In order to vote, users must have a valid Fedora Project Contributor Agreement (FPCA) on file and be a member of at least one non-CLA group.

Ballots may be cast on the Fedora Elections System.

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