Fedora 19 Could Be Named Elastic Horses

Names such as Spintronic Prism, Prime Rib, and Boiling Frog have also been proposed

It's time for users to propose another set of crazy names for the most delayed distribution in the history of the world, Fedora.

Robyn Bergeron, the leader of the Fedora project, has announced that the contest for the name of Fedora 19 has been officially opened and will end on October 16th, 2012 (23:59:59 UTC).

For some weird reason, the Fedora community has gotten off the reservation when it comes to names. There used to be such awesome names, like Werewolf, Sulphur, Constantine, and Verne.

After Verne (Fedora 16), lo and behold, we've got Beefy Miracle and Spherical Cow. The rules are quite simple, the former name and the present name need to have something in common.

Before Jules Verne, Fedora 15 was called Lovelock. The two characters we're both futurologists. How do you get from Verne to Beefy Miracle, it's a mystery (actually it's explained in a long official post, but people are still not convinced).

In any case, some rules must be followed in order for the names to be taken into consideration.

“For instance, there must be an "is-a" link between the name "Spherical Cow" (from Fedora 18) and the name you suggest. That link must be different than previous links for Fedora release names. Names of living people and well-known trademarks will likely be rejected as well. (Apologies to those wishing to make links between spherical cows having spots, and Tom Callaway.),” stated Bergeron.

Some names have already been proposed. Keep in mind they have to have something in common with Spherical Cow. The explanations and connections are hilarious:

• Spintronic Prism: a Spherical Cow is a 3-D object and so is any spintronics in prism form;

• Crop Circle: cows live on a farm and a crop circle is a mysterious round thing found on a farm;

• Prime Rib: a Spherical Cow is a well-prepared work of meat and muscle, and so is Prime Rib. (19 is also a prime number.);

• Elastic Horses: Spherical Cow is a good solution for farmers, and so is elastic horses moving in vacuum;

• Conical Frustum: a Spherical Cow is a 3D geometric object that is butchered. So is a Conical Frustum.

• Gabelstaplerfahrer: a German word for Forklift driver.

The list goes on and on, but I can't wait for the final result. Check out the rest of the already proposed names.

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