Fedora 10 Released

Codename Cambridge

Dubbed Cambridge, Fedora 10 was just announced today by Jesse Keating. The new release offers the latest stable version of GNOME 2.24 and KDE 4.1, faster boot experience (powered by Plymouth), better printing, better webcam support, improved wireless network connection sharing, better software maintenance and update (powered by PackageKit and RPM 4.6), and virtualization storage. Plus, it adds a new security tool for IDS (Intrusion Detection System) called SecTool. In Fedora 10, users will enjoy a brand new theme called "Solar," and a new lightweight desktop environment called LXDE. Developers and system administrators will enjoy the power of Eclipse 3.4 and NetBeans IDE.

"This is Fedora Space Operations announcing with great pleasure the successful launch of the new ship, Fedora 10: ‘Cambridge.’ Strapped into the pilot seats are the latest GNOME (2.24) and KDE (4.1), accompanied on their amazing journey by an all star crew of glitch free audio, better printing and webcam support, and a new faster graphical startup." - said Jesse Keating in the release announcement.

Highlights of Fedora 10:

• Linux kernel 2.6.27 (with improved webcam and WiFi support);

• GNOME 2.24;

• KDE 4.1;

• Eclipse 3.4;

• RPM 4.6;

• Faster boot;

• An enhanced version of the PackageKit package manager;

• An updated PulseAudio sound server;

• Improved Apple Macintosh hardware support;

• Improved HDTV support in X.Org;

• A new icon theme called Echo;

• Remote virtualization.

Fedora is an operating system based on the Linux kernel, and that focuses on wide access, distribution and free modification. It's built by a worldwide community (the Fedora Project), which grants access to anyone wishing to further advance the development of open-source software. Fedora 10 is available as GNOME and KDE Live CD editions for 32bit and 64bit platforms, and the usual CDs/DVD edition for x86, x86_64 and PPC architectures.

Download Fedora 10 right now from Softpedia.

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