February E Ink Revenues Down by a Massive 44%

The month being shorter by 2 days does not justify this

E Ink made a lot of money over the past three years, riding the momentum of the e-reader market that used its e-paper display technology extensively.

Said momentum has been spent, however, which means that E Ink isn't making much money anymore.

In fact, according to Digitimes the company's revenues for the month of February, despite increasing 33% on year, decreased 44% on month.

That put the total sum of money at NT$1.431 billion, which corresponds to US$48.2 million and €37 million.

On that note, the entire first quarter is set to bring a drop of 30-40%.

Tablets with LCD screens have been getting really popular, harming the market share of e-paper gadgets.

There might be a rebound in the second half of the year though, when the YotaPhone is released (smartphone with electrophoretic display / EPD).

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