February 18, 2013 Is NVIDIA GeForce Titan Day of Arrival

The mighty GK110-based adapter will rock the world in five days' time

NVIDIA's GeForce Titan graphics card has been the talk of the virtual grapevine for weeks, and it will finally debut next week.

According to Donanimhaber and Xtremesystems, the Santa Clara, California-based company will release the device on Monday, February 18, 2013.

The GK11-based card will be available in very limited quantities, but that was to be expected from a board as strong as or stronger than the dual-GPU GTX 690.

Given how the supposed launch date has been mentioned in several places on the net, independently from one another, we can be reasonably sure this isn't just people starting false rumors. Previous reports also pointed towards a February release.

Go here to see the first blurry picture of the board.

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