Faulty CSS Leads Users to Believe Kaspersky Site Was Hacked

A large image of the Nyan Cat covered the regular content on the Antivirus 6.0 webpage

Users who visited Kaspersky’s Anti-Virus 6.0 MP3 for Windows Workstations webpage yesterday could see a picture of the symbolic Nyan Cat on top of the normal content. A few hours later, the company addressed the issue and revealed that the “defacement” was caused by a buggy CSS.

However, before Kaspersky representatives came forward to explain what had really happened, everyone believed that the site was hacked. As usual, some hackers even took credit for the “defacement.”

The security firm told CWZ that an incorrect CSS was uploaded, which caused the Nyan Cat picture to be displayed within the incorrect layer and of a larger size.

The notorious YouTube video of the Nyan Cat has often been used by hackers when they defaced websites.

That’s most likely why many users jumped to conclude that someone hacked into the systems of the world-renowned security solutions provider.

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