Father of Injured Worker Sues Foxconn

The company isn't transferring his son to a cheaper hospital without a fight

One would think that covering the medical expenses of a worker injured at work through no fault of his own would be part of the insurance policy, but Foxconn is trying to shirk its responsibilities, Zhang Guangde feels.

Foxconn isn't exactly trying to get out of paying the medical bills of one Zhang Tingzhen. It wants to transfer him to a cheaper hospital in Huizhou.

His father, Zhang Guangde, does not approve of the decision, so it wants to prevent it at all costs, arguing that the move could do much damage, maybe even kill his son, since the transfer would have to cover a long distance .

Zhang Tingzhen was critically injured while fixing a spotlight at the Shenzhen factory. The accident (electrocution followed by a fall to the ground from a great height) caused severe brain trauma.

In fact, the young man only survived thanks to a complicated cerebral surgery that removed part of the left side of his brain.

Zhang’s lawyer has already presented the case before the court, showing the salary record, the time of hospitalization and affidavits from coworkers that proved he really did get injured while working at the factory.

Fuxconn has paid the medical fees for a while, but the company has decided to stop doing so from this month onwards, unless the family agrees to move Zhang Tingzhen to the hospital mentioned previously (69 kilometers / 43 miles away).

Foxconn has been having a lot of problems in the Shenzen facility, and other factories in China for that matter.

Most recently, a riot broke out, severe enough to suspend operations at one of its product assembly buildings.

Before that, during 2011 and 2012, many workers committed suicide because of poor working conditions. The problems resulted in several investigations, some pay rises and even the hiring of exorcists, but it seems Foxconn is still suffering woes.


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