Father and Son Drive a Tesla Model S over 400 Miles on a Single Charge

The two contained the Guinness World Records organization, hope to get in their book

A father and son team now claim that they should go in the Guinness Book of Records following their managing to drive more than 400 miles (423.5 miles / 681 kilometers, to be more precise) in a Tesla Model S on a single charge.

David Metcalf, the father, and his son, Adam, explain that, prior to their trying to set this new world record, the car was not altered in any ways.

As reported on Tree Hugger, the only thing that was a tad off about the EV they drove was the fact that the tires had been inflated to higher-than-standard pressure.

Otherwise, it was merely a question of choosing flat rural roads and not turning on the car's air conditioning unit.

For the time being, David and Adam are waiting for the Guinness World Records organization to analyze the evidence they have sent them, and figure out whether or not this father and son team is indeed worthy of going down into history as the first people to drive a Tesla Model S over 400 miles on a single charge.

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