Father Joe Broke Up Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz

About two weeks ago, Ashlee Simpson filed for divorce from Pete Wentz, after a little over two years of marriage. Speculation on what went wrong is still going strong and, now, a report says it was Ashlee’s father, Joe Simpson, who mingled in the affairs of the two.

Talk about how Joe controls the lives of daughters Ashlee and Jessica Simpson has been around ever since Jessica was just another young and blonde pop star, rivaling Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

Things haven’t changed since then, PopEater reports. According to well placed spies, he is the one that stands between Ashlee and Pete.

Earlier this week, the two met over lunch to talk the future of their son Bronx and perhaps even the possibility of giving marriage another try.

Admittedly, Joe would have nothing of it: just like he did back when Jessica decided to separate from husband Nick Lachey, Joe is putting his foot down, insisting that his daughter go ahead with the divorce.

“Just like when Jessica split from Nick, Joe is doing nothing to encourage Ashlee to give the marriage another try, if only for the sake of her son,” an unnamed spy says for PopEater.

This way, he has better control of Ashlee’s life – read, of her career and money – it is being suggested.

“Joe likes being the only man in his daughters’ lives and is happy that Ashlee has moved back into his home [in Encino, Calif.], just like Jessica did after she announced she was leaving Nick,” the source explains.

As reports swirl that Pete (who didn’t see the divorce coming, word has it) is “begging” Ashlee for a reconciliation, Joe is growing more tenacious in his attempts at keeping his daughter away from him, from Pete.

“Joe got rid of Nick, and now he is saying goodbye to Pete. Let’s hope Ashlee finds more happiness than Jessica did when she finds herself officially single again,” the same source says.

Granted the above is accurate, the other reports that it was Ashlee’s drinking and partying that broke down the marriage are probably false.

As of this moment, both are pure speculation.

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