Fate of Sandy Hook Lies in the Balance, School Could Be Demolished

A part of Sandy Hook victims' parents do no wish for the building to be torn down

The future of the now infamous Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut is being discussed.

A meeting was held at Town Hall on Sunday evening, to decide whether or not the school ought to be renovated and actually have a future, or demolished.

The town is looking into the two proposals, as most parents of Sandy Hook survivors do not wish for their children to be forced to attend classes in other districts. At the moment, they are back to class, at Chalk Hill Middle School.

“My opinion is we remodel it, make it bigger and beautiful, and put a memorial in there. Whatever we need to do to honor those lost, but we can't just walk away.

“If something bad happens, we don't just walk away when something bad happens. We don't just rip it down and ignore it and leave it alone,” one speaker says, advocating the demolition of the facility.

“This is just a building. I don't think we are committed to a building. We are committed to the teachers and the families and everybody that's in it. And that is what makes us a school.

“I don't know how much land we have behind the school. I don't know if we could take that school. I don't think a lot could walk back into that school. They could tear the school down,” another attendant of the town council meeting adds.

According to WTNH, a second meeting will be held by the end of this week. The future meeting should help settle the matter. Representatives of state and federal organizations will join the council in making the decision.

Sandy Hook victims' parents are to be consulted during the decision-making process for the future of the Elementary. A part of them have expressed opposing views, finding that the building may be torn down.

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