Fatal Gas Leak Gets Samsung Fined $1000 / 740 Euro

The company gets a slap on the wrist for not reporting it on time

It looks like all the hubbub around the gas leak at a Samsung plant, which killed a worker from a maintenance company, was overblown.

While the incident did result in one death, Samsung isn't going to be suffering from anything more than a small crack to its image.

The police investigating the incident found that Samsung only did wrong in not reporting the leak to the proper authorities when it should have. It only did it after one of the maintenance contractor workers died in the hospital.

The fine of 1 million Won, or $1,000 / 741 Euro is there just to cover formalities. The company won't even feel it.

The fine is being imposed on both Samsung and its subcontractor.

Nevertheless, the investigation is ongoing and it may take up to two weeks to figure out exactly what happened that made the death occur. This fine is a preliminary measure really.

Source: YonhapNews.

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