Fat Duck Chefs Die in Horrific Hong Kong Crash

Jorge and Magnus were in a taxi when a bus crashed into it

A terrible crash in Hong Kong has claimed the lives of three men, two of which were chefs at the famous, three-Michelin-starred restaurant The Fat Duck, while injuring another 56 and causing mayhem on the streets.

A video shot at the scene of the accident is available below.

CNN reports that the two chefs injured were Jorge Ivan Arango Herrera and Carl Magnus Lindgren, better known in the industry simply as Jorge and Magnus.

They were in Hong Kong on a personal visit, and were traveling by a cab when the accident occurred. The driver of the cab also perished in the accident.

“According to the Hong Kong Police Force, the accident occurred Monday morning when a bus was traveling downhill and hit two cars, crossed into the other lane and crushed the chefs' taxi against another bus,” CNN writes.

The driver of the bus reportedly lost consciousness behind the wheel for about 10 seconds, enough for the vehicle to swerve into the other lane.

Besides the three deaths, the terrible crash also resulted in 56 people injured, including the driver of the second bus involved in the collision, a baby and a 90-year-old man.

“They were both senior members and great and dear friends. Two uniquely talented young chefs that were loved by everyone who worked with them. They will be sadly and deeply missed,” a statement from The Fat Duck says.

Following the tragedy, Time reports, authorities are looking into implementing a set of measures meant to increase road safety, especially since this is not the first time that a bus driver passes out at the wheel and causes mayhem.

“William Chung, operations director for the New World First Bus company, said that the driver involved in the crash had been in good health. The company currently subjects drivers over 60 to annual cardiovascular checks, but said it would consider extending them to younger drivers in light of the accident,” the publication reports.

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