Fastest Growing PC Company Opens Manufacturing Line in the US

No longer will all things be made in China, despite that being the headquarters' location

HP has been at the front of the PC market for many years, but Lenovo almost managed to overtake it last quarter, and probably will snatch the top spot by the end of the year.

To ensure this outcome, and the keeping of that position, the corporation is expanding its manufacturing facilities to the US.

The move is in direct opposition to the tendency of electronics device production to gradually be relocated from that region to countries with cheaper labor.

On the flip side, having everything be “Made in China” got old a decade ago, and North American customers will no doubt be happy to benefit from faster and reliable product delivery, not to mention access to a broader set of services.

"Lenovo is establishing a U.S. manufacturing base because we believe in the long-term strength of the American PC market and our own growth opportunities here," said Yuanqing Yang, chairman & CEO, Lenovo.

Lenovo grew in prominence and, by extension, sales and customer base, very quickly over the past few years.

The performance was so impressive that Advanced Micro Devices signed on Rory P. Read, former Lenovo president and COO (and, thus, one of the main people responsible for that growth), as CEO last year.

The production line will have 115 employees and will build Think-branded notebooks, desktops, tablets, servers and engineering workstations for North American businesses, government agencies, education venues and, of course, everyday consumers.

Finally, as if to confirm beyond all doubt what a good idea this is, US political figures have praised it as such.

"Lenovo's decision to create electronics manufacturing jobs in North Carolina is a tremendous vote of confidence in the great skills and productivity of our state's workforce," commented North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue.

"I congratulate Lenovo on their growth and on making the wise decision to invest in North Carolina and in our state's workforce," added U.S. Senator Richard Burr. "I am proud of Lenovo for recognizing the talent and the potential here in North Carolina."

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