Fashionable Wireless Speakers Launched by TDK Life on Record

All of them have Bluetooth support and “sleek and modern design”

TDK Life on Record is not a subsidiary of TDK, as some may believe, but a brand owed by Imation, global technology corporation stationed in Oakdale, Minnesota.

In fact, TDK Life on Record is just one of three brands that Imation sells its products under, the other two being Imation and Memorex.

That said, Imation, or rather TDK LoR, tried to do something memorable this time around, so it created three wireless speakers.

Featuring support for Bluetooth connectivity, the three are similar and different in many ways.

They are called TDK Life on Record Wireless Boombox, Wireless Sound Cube, and Wireless Weatherproof Speaker.

The first of the three has a price of $399.95, or 309.89 Euro, according to exchange rates, though it is likely that the EU price, if the product ever reaches the region, will be 399.95 Euro.

The Wireless Sound Cube is a $299.95 product (232-299.95 Euro) and it is a bit smaller than the one above (has a single driver instead of two).

Third and last, the Wireless Weatherproof Speaker has a price tag of $249.95 / 193-249.95 Euro. It is actually the only one of the set with three drivers. Obviously, it is made to survive rain and such.

TDK life on Record actually revealed these audio products at the 2012 IFA trade show in Berlin, Germany, but we didn't get around to checking them out too closely, with all our appointments.

We definitely could have hooked up a smartphone to one of them, via Bluetooth, and played a song or two to see just how well the connection worked, and how clear the sound was.

Finally, given the 2012 silver "IDEA" design excellence award, the newcomers should have at least a mildly large following in the near future. The winter holiday shopping season is a ripe time for the debut of these three siblings.


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