“Fashionable” Shoes Helped Roman Kids Show Off Their Status

Footwear was as important for Roman teens as it is for present-day adolescents

This year's annual meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America witnessed the unveiling of some very interesting facts concerning the life of Roman children and teenagers.

After investigating the footwear remains found in and around several military bases, archaeologists reached the conclusion that, much like the adolescents who take great pleasure in storming malls and stores nowadays, Roman teens took a special interest in the shoes they were wearing while parading the streets.

Specialists explain that this was because, just like the clothes they were wearing, the shoes on their feet helped them communicate information concerning their social status and wealth.

More precisely, the materials used when making the shoes and the more or less intricate designs helped others figure out where the person wearing them was placed on the social hierarchy, Live Science reports.

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