Farrah Abraham Says She Was “Drugged and Raped More than Once”

Former Teen Mom opens up about troubled past in shocking new interview

Former Teen Mom Farrah Abraham, now featured on VH1’s Couples Therapy, has made lots of headlines since she broke on the scene with MTV’s controversial reality show, but never before for claims as shocking as these: she is now saying she is a rape survivor.

Abraham also recalls years of physical and emotional abuse, both at the hands of her parents and her exes, in a new shocking interview with InTouch magazine.

“I was drugged and raped more than once. I allowed the [wrong] type of people into my life,” she says. “It was a very dark time,” the reality star adds.

Said “dark time” happened right after the release of her controversial homemade tape, when she capitalized on the boost of interest in her life to book appearances at various night clubs. That put her in very dangerous situations, she is now saying.

However, Abraham continues, before the rapes, she also suffered lots of abuse at the hands of her parents, who are now divorced, Debra Danielson and Michael Abraham.

“[They] would beat me with a belt if I acted out. I had cuts, bruises, welts, swelling and scars,” Farrah says.

Then, in 2010, after a fight with her mother over her daughter Sophia, she decided to cut all ties with them. “It was a turning point. I needed to stop the abuse,” she stresses.

“I [still have] a lot of issues, but I’m more aware now, and I’m determined to break the pattern,” she says.

While on Couples Therapy, Farrah has been talking a lot about how much she regrets releasing the aforementioned tape, saying it ruined her life and that she even received death threats because of it. Nevertheless, rumor has it that she has a second one coming out soon – and it’s believed to be even more explicit than the first.

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