Far Cry 3 Patch 1.04 Now Available, Offers HUD and DLC Options

There are also bug fixes and stability improvements

Ubisoft is launching a new patch for Far Cry 3, labeled 1.4, which fixes a number of issues with the single-player and the multiplayer game modes and also improves the experience that players are having with the Map Editor of the first-person shooter.

The biggest change that Ubisoft has introduced is linked to the Heads Up Display, which can now be largely turned off in order to give players a more immersive experience and more tense moments.

Far Cry 3 is now also adding support for downloadable content, which probably means that in the coming months, gamers might get more missions and more items to use in the game world.

The bug that saw weapon models stuck to the character’s arms has also been eliminated and there are fixes to smaller bugs that were affecting both the general game mechanics and the various missions.

When it comes to the multiplayer modes for Far Cry 3, the development team has also eliminated crashes and bugs linked to the weapons and the maps, while also improving the overall stability of the maps.

In cooperative mode, weapons no longer disappear after completing objectives and host migration is now set to be easier.

A full change log is available on the official Far Cry 3 website from Ubisoft.

The Map Editor for the game now also offers more information for the Player Map playlists.

The team at Ubisoft has also taken down the game servers, presumably in order to update its own infrastructure.

The 1.04 patch for Far Cry 3 is only available on the PC at the moment, but a version for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 will be delivered as soon as it goes through the certification process at Microsoft and Sony.

Far Cry 3 is one of the best received video games of the year and features heavily in our own GOTY series.

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