Fans Throw Underwear on Stage at Tom Jones Concert

At 68, the singer is still a ladies’ man

Tom Jones might have put his wild, womanizing days behind him, but that is not to say that he’s still not a ladies’ man, as an occurrence at his recent concert in Florida clearly shows. One fan, for instance, got so carried away during the performance that she threw her knickers on stage, right at the singer’s feet, as the Daily Mail can confirm.

Funny enough, Tom Jones was not impressed by the “offering” and chose to ignore the pair of blue underwear lying just inches from his feet. This is because, he says, he has long learned that if he picks such items up, women are only encouraged to throw more. Given that he is now 68 and, as noted above, eager to part with his ladies’ man image, this is actually the last thing he wants.

“I don’t capitalize on it [underwear offerings] as much as I used to. I used to pick them up, which I stopped doing because it was encouraging it.” the singer says. He appreciates the gesture, though, because, that way, he knows that his songs still manage to render his message loud and clear for all female members of the audience, Jones also revealed in a recent interview.

As for his new look – with grey hair and as little makeup as possible, a sharp contrast to how he used to look – the legendary singer says he came to the decision to go for something new when he realized people might make fun of his obstinacy of holding on to his youth. He also ditched plastic surgery for the same reason, after doctors warned him that, if he continued indulging in it, his entire face might fall to pieces. It is believed that Jones had £30,000 worth of plastic surgery on his face alone.

“Over Christmas, I always take a month off and let my hair go and don’t even shave. Normally it comes out like salt and pepper which I hated. But this year it grew out a silver color, so I kept it because it’s more distinguished.” Tom Jones said of his decision to finally stop dyeing his hair a darker shade to hide gray hairs.

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