Fans Petition CBS to Bring Michael Muhney Back as Adam Newman on “Young and the Restless”

No one can replace him for the role, petition on reads

Fans of “The Young and the Restless” are still having a very hard time believing that CBS would simply fire Michael Muhney and consider a replacement, even though the decision was made last month and we’re inching closer to his final episode, which airs on January 30.

These past few days have seen a flurry of reports on Muhney’s exit, all of them very disadvantageous for him because they claim he was let go because producers had had it with his nasty behavior on set, especially after co-star Hunter King complained to them that he had fondled her breasts on 2 occasions and that she had not solicited said advances.

So far, Muhney has only urged his fans to be kind to others and not to believe everything they read in the press and, while he’s not saying he’s referring to the ongoing controversy, he probably is.

Meanwhile, his fans are fighting to get him back on the show or, at the very least, to make CBS see how many viewers they would lose if they replaced him with another actor. Proof of that is this petition which, in no indirect terms, proclaims Muhney the only reason thousands tune in for the time-enduring soap opera.

“He IS Adam Newman, and there is no reason to fire him. He is an exceptional actor and one who can stand up to the character of Victor Newman believably. We do not want to see another actor in the role, especially not a General Hospital, Guiding Light or All My Children ex-cast member ‘friend’ of Jill Farren Phelps,” the petition reads.

It also urges all other fans to take action and stand up for Muhney. After all, a celebrity is only as “good” as their fanbase and, in this particular case, Muhney has no reason to complain.

“If you are a fan of the Young & the Restless, you know how important Michael has been to the character. There are many of us, from the comments I have read, who say that the ONLY REASON they watch the show is because of Michael Muhney,” the petition says.

“We deem this as a slap in the face not only to Muhney, but to all his fans. We feel your Executive Producer, Jill Farren Phelps seems to only be interested in making room (in any way she can) for her actor friends. This is an absurd and unnecessary action and we will stop watching in droves if you don't change your mind and reinstate him immediately,” it adds.

So far, the petition has almost 4,000 signatures, which might not be a lot but it’s definitely a solid number. Now, if these fans could rally with those planning to fly a banner over CBS Studios in LA and even many of our commenters, we’re sure the network would eventually get the message loud and clear.

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