Fans Campaign for “John Carter” Sequel

The film is yet to prove itself at the box office, but fans already want more

Disney's latest sci-fi movie, “John Carter,” is yet to prove itself at the box office, but fans are already asking for a sequel. A campaign is underway to get the movie studio to finance a sequel.

“John Carter” is based on the popular character from “A Princess of Mars” by Edgar Rice Burroughs, a story that is consider the founder of modern science-fiction, having inspired countless filmmakers and scientists ever since.

Written in 1912, it's just now that the story comes to life on the big screen, with Disney putting out “John Carter” in 3D last weekend.

If one considers the kind of budget invested in it ($250 million / €191.3 million) and the domestic box office gross in the first week (a mere $30 million / €22.9 million), it's suddenly understandable why some are already rushing to call it a flop.

Not so fans, though, Forbes reports.

They rallied up on Facebook and Twitter, launching a campaign that, they hope, will make it clear for Disney that, if a sequel is made, there will be plenty to see it.

“Fans of the new John Carter film take heart – there is a new Facebook group calling on Disney to have faith in the franchise and move forward with a sequel. The group is spreading their message on Twitter, encouraging fans of the film to retweet the message and to join the Facebook group,” Forbes writes.

The campaign even has an eye-catching name: “Take Me Back To Barsoom, I Want John Carter To Have a Sequel.”

Disney hasn't said anything yet about the possibility of a sequel, but it could still happen if the film continues to make good money at the box office – but it would need several strong weeks to return a profit and, this way, justify a sequel.

In a recent interview, director Andrew Stanton said that he was already working on a sequel, based on the 1914 book “The Gods of Mars” by the same author.

However, he too pointed out that a sequel was entirely dependent on economics: should “John Carter” make a profit, Disney would greenlight a sequel.

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