Fanny Wang Challenges Beats by Dr. Dre and Skullcandy with New Headphone Line

In the last year or so, fashion brands such as Beats by Dr. Dre and Skullcandy took the headphone industry by storm managing to outpace their more traditional technology driven counterparts, so a new brand was recently formed in order to pick up on their success, Fanny Wang Headphone being the latest line of ultra premium headphones to hit the U.S. market.

To detach itself from the rest of the competition, Fanny Wang claims to provide a superior sound, eye-catching style and competitive pricing, offering the best of fashion and technology when it comes to personal audio.

In order to live up to its word, the company has developed three new headphone designs, two on-ear and one over-ear, future 2011 offerings including an on-ear iPhone headset and a few other over ear noise-canceling models.

As far as the present-day headphones are concerned, these are compatible with a wide variety of audio players, including Apple’s iPod, iPhone and iPad, each model coming in with a built-in DuoJack inline splitter, similar in functionality to the “zound-plug” found in some Urbanears models.

Furthermore, Fanny Wang’s on-ear design features 40mm titanium drivers and a collapsible design that make traveling a whole lot easier.

“The same sound engineer who designed the Beats by Dr. Dre acoustics tackled the Fanny Wang collection.

We challenged him to create a superior sound that complements urban hip hop, but also provides range to satisfy other music genres,” said David Adam, VP of Product Development for Fanny Wang.

“Audiophiles will be blown away by the rich, smooth sound, and heads will turn when people check out the new Fanny Wang headphones,” concluded the company's rep.

All the models are available in bold red, ink black or crisp white and come with a three-year warranty, the headphones starting at $149.95 if purchased from Fanny Wang’s website.

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