Fan Sues Jonas Brothers for Being Crushed at Concert

Girl was injured by frantic fans, wants singing trio to pay up

Justin Bieber isn’t the only male singing act that gets girls worked up in a frenzy, it seems. The Jonas Brothers still have the same effect on their female fans, with one even suffering serious injuries at one of their concerts. She’s suing the band now.

Ashleigh Johnson is taking the Jonas Brothers and Caruso Management to court for almost literally putting her life in danger for attending their May 2010 show at The Grove in Los Angeles.

“She claims she was at The Grove in L.A. back in May, 2010, watching the boys perform an early bird special (3 PM), when she was pushed by an uncontrolled crowd against a guard fence,” TMZ reports.

“Ashleigh says she was ‘agonizingly crushed’ into the fence and suffered serious mental, emotional and physical injuries as a result,” says the same report.

She doesn’t reveal her age and she doesn’t mention how much money she’s asking for as damages, but she’s definitely holding the three teen idols responsible for the situation and her injuries.

TMZ also has a video from the show in question. Indeed, there can be no doubt as to how many fans attended it but whether things were as bad as Johnson is making them sound is still to be determined.

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