Fan Pressure Is Impeding Day Z Standalone Development

The community has also offered a lot of support for the project

Dean Hall, the man behind the very successful Day Z mod for ArmA 2, has offered some details on the development process for the upcoming standalone version of the game and the way players want to influence the final product.

Speaking on the Day Z Reddit, the developer states, “I know I have been very quiet lately. So this will be really all I’ll say for the moment. I’ve been pretty depressed about the whole situation. From a personal standpoint, this whole “saga” of the development made me seriously question if I wanted to be involved in the industry and I gave serious thought to cutting my losses and not being involved in the project.”

Hall reveals that a medical check-up showed that he has high blood pressure and he believes that it’s not worth giving up his health over the development of one video game.

He adds, “Right now I’m just at home doing bits and pieces on the DayZ development. The rest of the DayZ team is doing the same. I realize that I went back on my word about releasing an update, but went back into my shell for a bit last week, and I’ll come out when the dust is all settled.”

It’s unclear whether Dean Hall is willing to entirely give up his idea of launching a standalone version of Day Z.

The mod for ArmA 2 allows players to start off as survivors, with limited resources, on an island infested with zombies and gives them full freedom when it comes to their actions.

Some have banded together in order to scavenge resources and fight off the undead while others have turned into outlaws and are preying on other humans to survive.

Recently, The War Z, which some saw as a rip-off, was banned from sale on Steam.

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