Famous Italian Warrior's Tomb Unearthed

Giovanni de' Medici exhumed: Italians want to know their heroes

This Monday Italian scientists exhumed the tomb of one of the best known mercenary soldiers of the Renaissance Era, Giovanni de' Medici, also called “Giovanni dalle Bande Nere.”

The famous warrior is sharing the same tomb with his wife, Maria Salviati, Discovery News reports.

“A large rock that covered the burial chamber of the family was raised to reveal two zinc boxes with the bones of the married couple,” declared a Florence official.

The research will consist of a general analysis meant to offer more details on the life and death of the Italian's heroic figure. It will comprise a paleopathological, medical and anthropological analysis of the body remnants.

Although a feared warrior, known for its extreme power, Giovanni de' Medici died of septicemia when he was only 28, five days after being wounded in a battle against the Imperialist army.

“We aim to better understand the cause of death and the kind of surgery carried on the Medici warrior,” said the superintendency of Florence.

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